detail workshop 2Established in mounting and jewellery design, Phelans’ began as tradesmen in Hatton Garden, carrying out repairs on existing and newly manufactured jewellery for retailers in the surrounding area and beyond thus, firmly synonymising the name with exceptional attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. Today repair tasks are still firmly engrained in the services Phelans’ offer providing a mergence of traditional techniques with state-of-the art equipment in their own workshops ensuring efficiency and excellency. As all repairs are carried out internally Phelans can offer a fast and efficient repair service with the majority of repairs taking less than a week.

Where possible Phelans’ never stretch an item in order to size, additional metal in the items main alloy is carefully added in order to maintain its depth and durability.  Laser re-sizing is carried out on the majority of ring alterations, which is the very latest in jewellery repair innovation. A flameless method whereby no heat can impede other components such as stones and surrounding metal eliminating any damage that can potentially occur when using an open flame technique. A seamless join is created further strengthening its necessity when striving for perfection eradicating visible sizing burrs.


Acquiring jewellery comes in many forms and holds extreme sentimentality. Sadly items often become redundant due to various reasons such as changing fashions and generational heir looms. Phelans offer a re-modelling design service that can see unworn items remounted and altered according to the needs and specifications of the client, making use of every possible element of the existing pieces. This service is a fantastic way of retaining the meaning and history behind items without having to compromise on personal style.

Repair Description Approximate Lead Time Starting Price
Ring Sizing 2-5 working days £35.00
Chain Alteration 5 working days £15.00
Clean, Polish (Rhodium) 2-5 working days £45.00
Stone Replacement 7-28 working days £60.00
Claw Re-tipping 5-7 working days £45.00
General Solder 2-5 working days £20.00
Ring Shank Half / Full 5-7 working days £70.00 / £140.00


santos2Phelans are happy to provide customers with valuation services on items purchased in store or elsewhere. The documentation includes a full descriptive breakdown of the item(s) that can be used for insurance/probate requirements. Typically completed within a couple of hours recommended days for valuations are Wednesdays and Thursdays. Documents for items from Phelans are free of charge within the first two years of purchase, older items and pieces purchased externally incur a small charge of £45.00 for the first item and £10.00 an item thereafter with absolutely no hidden percentage value costs of admin fees ensuring jewellery is accurately, and realistically valued for peace of mind and security. 

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